Reiki and Parenting

Have you ever had those days where you can’t parent the way you want to? no matter how hard you try, you feel this heavy weight or saying and doing everything wrong. Yelling, unnecessarily as it usually is, feeling like slamming doors. Using the words “please just leave me alone” 

These days don’t happen overnight. They built slowly over time like a wave from the middle of a Great Lake, building as it approachesshore to crash down on the awaiting sandy beach. 

What helps?

How can you get out of that building cycle? You ask, how can I be the parent I want to be, when everything deep in me wants to lash out, yell and ache to run away when the kids start bickering again and you need to play referee, judge and punisher. 

Ok, that’s a bit extreme, but even if you have a simple passing moment where your anger, anxiety or inner escape artist rears it’s head. You may be feeling some energy imbalance. 

I had one of these days. Not long ago. It was the hardest day in ages. Though it had built up overtime, so it wasn’t a night and day difference from the day before. I made a change that day. And the way I felt the day after was a game changer. 

This last season has had a lot of untamed energy in the universe. Eclipse season in Cancer, and mercury retrograde both play heavily upon our energy systems and those we surround ourselves with such as our children. 

Enter healing. Enter that bright white light that clears the heaviness from you. Reiki as it is so lovingly called. I attended a reiki meditation and felt powerful movement in energy in my body. It was like dark spots clearing and a weight  being lifted. 

The next day. I had calm. I had ease. I had patience. And it’s lasted. Will it build again, probably without proper maintenance, yes. Will i find myself yelling again, yes, it’s already happened between that day and now. The difference is I know that I can take a moment before that chaos sets in. I’ve got a “wave brake” set up to keep those building waves from my shoreline. The crash still happens, but it is controlled and doesn’t cause the damage it once would have.

How do you continue to have calm amongst the storm?

What do you do to continue maintaining that wave brake? What do you do when things start to feel heavy again? Of course you continue eating well, sleeping, for me cutting out caffeine is of huge importance, and now the path I have chosen, Reiki is a part of me. It always has been, and now accessing those energies to clear the weight of the days that pass will be invaluable to this parenting journey. 

Enter Reiki Attunement

I received a Reiki 1 attunement. A connection to that Reiki energy so I can work on my own energetic body and chakras to help keep that weight down, and keep energy flowing. Energy flows from the root chakra, at the base of your spine; to your crown chakra above your head. I’m the end they are like maslows hierarchy of needs. energy needs to flow through all of them to reach the crown. Those moments were everything is balanced. Those perfect days where you are meant to be. 

Reiki and parenting doesn’t make for a perfect infallible combination but it sure does help maintain balance. Reiki and Parenting makes the hard times more manageable because you know they are only part of the cycle. Reiki and parenting had been a beautiful reset with my day to day life and helps me stay present for my children.